Goodbye New York!

It's me

Well before the world started to fall apart due to “the Virus”, we had already started seriously planning our escape from the city. This is, we know, neither a new story nor a particularly unique one. But it was our story. If we wanted to be original, perhaps we would have plotted a move to Finland, but we were simply trying to find some greener pastures while maintaining a close proximity to our beloved Brooklyn. We romanticized, like millions before us, a utopian blend of city and country life balance.

Pre-pandemic, this was our idea: downsize to a very inexpensive studio in the city and move the bulk of our life upstate.

But during the pandemic, the idea morphed: Suddenly, a small, cramped studio in New York didn’t seem like a pragmatic decision. In fact, during this period all decision making felt agonizing and nonsensical. The less decisive we were about New York City, the better. After a combined 30 plus years of living in the big, glorious, dirty, chaotic, expensive, creative metropolis of New York City, we started to slowly shed all of our excess belongings in a purge that would ultimately allow us to “reboot” upstate. We weren’t saying goodbye for good. We were just waving goodbye…until we had a better idea what life and the landscape (health, jobs, finances) might look like in a year or so. For the time being we settled upon the less lease restrictive idea of using HotelTonight for essential trips to the city or – even better – couch surfing with willing friends.

We knew we were changing our relationship with the city, but we weren’t sure which form it would take. New York City, I had been dipping my toe into a “country home” for many moons – visiting friend upstate, renting Airbnb’s all over the Hudson Valley, and

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